The Mindset of Today's Leader

Topics can Include:

  • The Key to Being a Value-Adding Manager
  • Making the Leap from Do-er to See-to-er
  • Performer vs Manager 
  • Five Underlying Value-Adding Premises  
  • Doing Completed Work
  • Being Empowered and Empowering Others
  • What is Leadership? 
  • What are the 5 Secrets of Successful Leadership?
  • The Synergy of Leading & Managing 
  • Obtaining a Voluntary Following
  • How to Meet the Needs of Others
  • Leadership Today 
  • Challenges of a Changed World
  • Working Collaboratively with a Diverse Workforce
  • Relationship Building 
  • Political Savvy  
  • Anticipating What Lies Ahead
  • Embracing & Leading Change

Effective Leadership starts with the right Mindset, a clear understanding of the role of leaders, and the attitudes that successful leaders must possess to lead today. Leaders also need to prepare themselves and those in their 
following for
 what lies ahead.

Course Development & Delivery
We would meet with you to tailor a course that addresses the competencies needed for your leaders and to the level of depth desired. The course can be conducted from a presentation level to a very exercise-intensive practitioner workshop. The course is primarily delivered virtually, but onsite options are available. It can be standalone or part of a comprehensive, multi-day leadership development program.

Course Licensing:  Selective courses are available for licensing with 
Train-the-Trainer services.

"A person is a Leader only insofar as they have a Voluntary following."
- Richard Branton, Advanced Strategies, Inc.

“Wisdom is the ability to identify the crucial issues of our time, analyze them from different points of view and perspectives, and then choose the ones that carry out some noble goal and principle." - Michio Kaku, Physicist, CUNY Professor, Author, Futurist      .