Performance Management and Development 

Topics Can Include

  • Ensuring Performance Without Being Overbearing
  • The Performance Management Model
  • Performance Management Nirvana
  • Obtaining Employee Engagement
  • Context for Action, or Inaction   
  • The Need to Plan, Secure, and Organize
  • Making Assignments That Stick
  • Status Reporting to Ensure No Surprises
  • Providing Feedback- Eight Techniques -1min. to Formal
  • Virtual Performance Development
  • Collaborative Group Performance Development
  • Managing Performance Problems
  • Dealing with Anger & Secondary Emotions
  • Performance Development in a Union Environment
  • Tactical & Strategic Performance Management
  • Internal Greatness- A 'World-Class' Culture for Today 

“Find your voice and help others find their voice" 
  – Steven Covey, 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'    

Leaders have the honor and obligation to provide feedback and develop the performance of employees. Conducting corrections and praises, coaching, teaching, and mentoring all contribute to the retention of dedicated, motivated associates. It can help individuals  grow while creating a cohesive, collaborative, team envirnoment.

Course Development & Delivery
We would meet with you to tailor a course that addresses the competencies needed for your leaders and to the level of depth desired. The course can be conducted from a presentation level to a very exercise-intensive practitioner workshop. The course is primarily delivered virtually, but onsite options are available. It can be standalone or part of a comprehensive, multi-day leadership development program.
Employee engagement surveys and consulting are available. 

Course Licensing:  Selective courses are available for licensing with 
Train-the-Trainer services.