About Us

Life continuously evolves. We believe that, as humans, we have the privilege and responsibility to help each other adapt to change and enhance the well-being of humanity. This requires each of us to contribute our unique talents and character traits to this common goal. It also means understanding others, without judgment, and finding ways to help them be successful in our complex world. 
This is our mission.

Our Evolution – 1989-2024   
We have been facilitating solutions in a complex world since 1989.  Many have asked how we lasted this long. This is thanks to you. 

We have grown 100% by referrals from our customers.   
What has changed over the years? How we serve. There are some core principles and values that have withstood time. They cut to the essence of how we serve, instruct, and solve problems. However, we continuously update materials for the latest advancements in technology, societal issues, ideologies, and active learning practices.  

   In 2011 we added virtual training to serve customers beyond the US in India, Africa, China, South America & Europe. 
We have taught live online courses to
 every continent except Oceania and Antarctica.

In 2020, we advanced our virtual training to a whole new level to serve all of our customers during a pandemic world. 

    For 2024 , we asked Generative AI what are the greatest leadership challenges for this year, and we address them all

Advanced Strategies has a huge InfoBase of leadership topics, and we are happy to share that our Leadership Development programs address eight of the ten topics directly and leverage the other two. Over 700 Middle & Upper Managers have attended our training and executive coaching virtually during and post-pandemic, and many others attended onsite, preparing all of them for today’s challenges.  

 Industries We Serve
Our core practices are industry-agnostic. We meet with our customers, learn about their environment and tailor materials to them. Here are some of the industries we have served.


Large Government   
- Federal Government, including CDC, US HHS, US DOE
- State Government, incl. NYS, MN, GA, FL
- County Government, incl. Hennepin Cty, MN, Calvert Cty,MD

Fortune 500 Companies
- Healthcare, incl. HCA Healthcare, Sarah Cannon, NaviHealth
- Insurance, incl. MetLife, Aflac
- Retail, incl. American Stores, ShopRite, Belk, BassPro Shops
- Manufacturing, incl. Koch Refining, Cummins, Colgate-Palmolive 
- Distribution, incl. Wakefern, Newton-Canton Corp. 
- Services, incl. Dun& Bradstreet, IBM, PWC, Anderson Csltg 

Customers We Serve

We have associates with both Business and IT backgrounds. We tailor training and consulting practices to meet the unique needs of multiple audiences.

Customers include teams of:
- Individual performers
- Project managers
- Business Analysts
- Managers 
- Emerging leaders

1:1 Executive Coaching and Consulting Services 
are tailored for 
 Upper Managers & C-Level Executives

How We Work and Teach

  • Business-Driven: It is only successful if it makes a positive 'Impact' on the business.
  • Customer-Centric: The customer's interest should always be in the center.
  • Every situation is Unique - Not repeat a process because "we have always done it this way."
  • Appropriate solutions- should match the need; e.g. do not build a computer program to write a Post-it note.
  • Professionalism- Have sound,repeatable,transparent processes, accountability,integrity,willigness to tell unpleasant truths.
  • Every work activity should produce a tangible deliverable as evidence of its value and that it was completed.
  • Form follows function, function follows defining success- start with defining success.
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders, ensuring all voices are heard to reach optimized, not compromised solutions.
  • Learning and teaching are on a continuum; no matter what role someone is in, learn!

Virtual Training
The classes are informative, exercise-intensive, and ensure participation from everyone.  Interactions are crafted to ensure that all voices are heard. Most sessions are conducted in half-day modules. Multiple breakout sessions with rotating participants and leaders provide opportunities for each participant to learn how to work collaboratively and effectively in today's world.      

Onsite Training

The classes are informative, exercise-intensive, and ensure participation from everyone. Interactions are crafted to ensure that all voices are heard. Most sessions are conducted in full-day modules. Multiple breakout sessions with rotating participants and leaders provide opportunities for each participant to learn how to work collaboratively and effectively in today's world. 

“ The virtual training is as close to being in person as could be, it is not just watching videos, no others I have seen have come close”  
-Large State Government Leadership Development Program Sponsor 2023

" Online and onsite matter less than creating an equitable community where students recognize themselves and one another." 
Cathy N. Davidson, Christina Katopodis, Co-authors of  'The New College Classroom', Harvard University Press, 2022

      " There was lots of engagement.
  You can't hide in the back of the room!"           

 Lea​dership Training Graduate 2023

Individual Coaching & Consulting

1:1 consulting is available in all target areas and for executive coaching. Additionally, training programs can include work-related homework assignments with individual feedback provided by instructors.

Course Licensing 

Selective courses are available for licensing with Train-the-Trainer services.

            We Never Forget               
Our Core Values & What Our Customers Have Shared About Us  

Our Core Values

* Synergy is essential to work and life in general 
*The best outcomes are consensually optimized, not compromised
*Always start with defining success, collaboratively 
*We value individual differences and perspectives 
*All voices should be heard 
*Everything we do should provide value 
*We believe in graciousness under all circumstances 
 *A person is a leader only if they have a voluntary following 
*A leader earns a voluntary following by meeting the needs of others.     

       What Our Customers have Shared About Us 
          This is a small sampling. We are humbled and honored.

"As I reflect on the skills and ideas I learned in the Leadership Development Program, I am struck by how many things I learned and the deeper understanding I have gained of what it means to be not only a good leader but a good person".

"I implemented effective communication strategies and was able to motivate the contributors. I am certain that prior to this course, I would not have had the skills to confidently navigate this process."

"I could relate to the curriculum and insightful questions that stemmed from real-life on-the-job activities."

"This program took everything important to developing and implementing a successful project and packaged it perfectly. It’s a formula for success."

"I found the Leadership Development Program very insightful.   Specifically, I found the APTAS framework, “A Path to a Solution” is a great way to simplify and break down a problem and how to solve it."

"It was clear from the very beginning that the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and talented at sharing information. They were very invested in the information presented and that made a huge difference in how easy it was to follow the lessons and get involved with the material and discussions."

"I value the feedback and fresh perspectives that came from the LDP instructors – many of which got me thinking in an entirely new way. At the end of this program, I feel confident and excited for the next stage in my career."

" I came in with a tactical approach, but I now have a full appreciation for the whole picture."

"If I don't know what to do, I call Advanced Strategies." 

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”                                                                                                                                 -Theodore Roosevelt

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Advanced Strategies, Inc. is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise with the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council and the State of New York, IIBA Endorsed Education Provider and 
Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Member.

Certifed MBE

Certified MBE

Certified International Business Analysis Provider

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Member