Creative Problem Solving & Innovation

Topics can Include

  • Impactful, Practical, and Novel Creative Solutions
  • A Path to Any Solution- A Problem Solving Framework
  • Need Identification & Who Has the Problem
  • Defining Success
  • Analysis- Functionality Needed
  • Solution Design, Realization & Implementation
  • Assessment, Solution Use & Sustainment
  • The Appropriate Level of Sophistication
  • Delivering Innovative Solutions
  • An Innovation Framework
  • Innovation & The Seven Aspects of Work
  • Group Collaboration Techniques
  • Formalization of Results
  • Putting Problem Solving & Innovation into Operation
  • You are More Creative than You May Think*

 * What Do You See?  

Everything you do should not work. You’re not going to hit all home runs. If you’re not making a mistake, then you’re not taking enough chances. You need a certain amount of failure. We tried a cartoon duck at one point. It didn’t work and we pulled it. Everything you do should not work.”                     - Dan Amos, CEO Aflac, Inc.     

We are challenged today with new problems and new constraints. Innovation in business processes, supported by technology, may be the only means to meet today’s challenges.  

Going through a structured path to get to a solution will enhance creativity and can provide individual and collaborative ways to surface the best possible results to keep you afloat!

Course Development & Delivery​ 
We would meet with you to tailor a course that addresses the competencies needed for your leaders and to the level of depth desired. The course can be conducted from a presentation level to a very exercise-intensive practitioner workshop. The course is primarily delivered virtually, but onsite options are available. It can be standalone or part of a comprehensive, multi-day leadership development program.

Course Licensing:  Selective courses are available for licensing with Train-the-Trainer services.