Effective Communications

Topics can Include

  • Why Soft Skills
  • Communications as a Management Skill
  • Understanding Communications
  • The A.C.T Model for Affable, Trusting Communications 
  • The Communication Cycle between Senders & Receivers
  • Communication on Intellectual & Emotional Levels
  • Understanding Human Reactions &  Having Empathy
  • Analyzing Your Stakeholders in multiple dimensions
  • Getting Action by Addressing multiple dimensions
  • Communications Over Time
  • Are you Listening or Are You Waiting to Speak
  • Active Listening 
  • Planning, Difficult, Political, or Complex Communications
  • Controlling Your Reactions
  • Non-Verbal Communications
  • Communicating Virtually
  • Planning and Conducting Group Meetings 
  • Email Communications, 'Elevator' & Impromptu Chats
  • Putting it into Practice: Simulating Communications that are Prevalent in Your Organization with an Audience
  • Building and Retaining Ongoing Trust 

" People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." 
- Maya Angelou 

Understanding human communications and being able to plan challenging and complex communications is essential for leadership success. This requires understanding both intellectual and emotional messages, listening actively, and responding in ways that can lead 
to optimized outcomes for all participants.

Course Development & Delivery
We would meet with you to tailor a course that addresses the competencies needed for your leaders and to the level of depth desired. The course can be conducted from a presentation level to a very exercise-intensive practitioner workshop. The course is primarily delivered virtually, but onsite options are available. It can be standalone or part of a comprehensive, multi-day leadership development program.

Course Licensing:  Selective courses are available for licensing with 
Train-the-Trainer services.