Getting Work Done Thru Others - Everyday Management Practices

Topics can Include

  • Everyday Management Fundamentals & Framework
  • Project Management
  • Defining Success
  • Effort/Project Planning
  • Maintaining a Worry Log
  • Project Organization
  • Analyzing Stakeholders in multiple dimensions
  • Making Assignments that Stick
  • Context for Taking Action
  • Reporting on Status
  • Understanding Tolerance Periods
  • Closing Out an Effort
  • Don't Forget Leadership
  • Self-Management Throughout a Project
  • The Importance of Celebrating Success
  • The Importance of Celebrating Learning

                Leadership & Management             

Management is a critical Leadership skill. To be successful, leaders need tools to marshal resources to achieve specific results via a deliberate process. Management practices, applied to projects, also require succeeding in a defined time and are a scalable vehicle to manage what is needed to get work done through others.

Course Development & Delivery
We would meet with you to tailor a course that addresses the competencies needed for your leaders and to the level of depth desired. The course can be conducted from a presentation level to a very exercise-intensive practitioner workshop. This course is primarily delivered virtually, but onsite options are available. It can be standalone or part of a comprehensive, multi-day leadership development program.

Course Licensing:  Selective courses are available for licensing with 
Train-the-Trainer services.

“ Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”
- John Maxwell,'Leadershift'